baby zen

Yoga has taught me more than just poses. It’s a routine of quiet. Taking ownership of my life. Gratitude and appreciation for the day ahead. Kindness. Compassion. Acceptance and surrender.

I love the way Deborah Adele, author of ‘The Yamas and Niyamas,’ says it: ‘Surrender asks us to be strong enough to engage each moment with integrity, while being soft enough to flow with the current of life… As the ego surrenders, the heart expands. As the ego stops fighting to be number one, life begins to nourish and feed us in amazing ways.’

One of the funniest things I’ve done as a new mother is attending a mommy and me yoga class. Definitely not the serene yoga I was used to pre-baby. Us mommies were instructed to arrange our mats in a circle around a pile of toys, and children from newborns to three years old were given free run of the room. I thought it would just be a fun Saturday morning outing for the two of us, but as I thought about the reasons I do yoga, I decided to keep the routine going, and incorporate her into my yoga routine at home.

Sure, she may not understand the poses for quite some time, but baby’s pick up on the emotions of their caregivers. So I love our new routine of rolling out my mat and letting her crawl around while I take a few poses and moments of gratitude and surrender, opening my heart to the flow of life.

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