La Villa Madie

Last year while spending time in the South of France, my sweet friend Juli took me out for one of the best dinners of my life, La Villa Madie in Cassis, France. Perched high in Cassis’s surrounding hills, La Villa Madie is a Michelin star restaurant with magnificent ocean views and dishes to match. From where Juli and I sat on the gorgeous terrace, we can see Cap Canaille, the highest sea cliff in Europe. The rusty red rock is spectacular agains the colours of the sun setting over the mediterranean sea.

Juli ordered us the gastronomique set of courses, chef’s choice. The staff were so kind, presenting course after course with such pride, excited for us to experience their local cuisine. Much of it is poisson, (fish), and the creativity behind each tiny dish is mind blowing.

I learned that the restaurant was managed by Marielle and Dimitri Droisneau, who took it over in 2014 with the aim of preserving the magic of the venue. Marielle, with her background in customer service and waitering, and Dimitri, a chef from Normandy. The two met in a twist of fate in the Mediterranean, where they now reside as a married couple, living out their shared dream of bringing together fine local cuisine and impeccable service.

I would say they succeeded in preserving the magic of the venue. Over the course of our three hour dinner the sun set over the Mediterranean, and darkness fell allowing us to enjoy our dessert in the candlelight. Between that and the long conversation about life with my friend, Juli… It was one of those moments I wished I could have frozen in time.


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