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As I wandered the cobblestoned, tree-lined boulevards of Saint-Rémy-de Provence, I couldn’t help noticing the legacy of Nostradamus that lives on. What I didn’t know, was what a courageous legacy it was, a story of a man who continued on his path, even though many found him insane.

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Apt, Provence

For most who visit the villages of Provence, Apt is just a place to pass through. A town in the Luberon Valley that seems industrial at first glance. It wasn’t until I did a tour into the old city that I really saw it’s charm, and understood why it’s known as one of the most Provençal towns.

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La Villa Madie

Last year while spending time in the South of France, my sweet friend Juli took me out for one of the best dinners of my life, La Villa Madie in Cassis, France. Perched high in Cassis’s surrounding hills, La Villa Madie is a Michelin star restaurant with magnificent ocean views and dishes to match. From where Juli and I sat on the gorgeous terrace, we can see Cap Canaille, the highest sea cliff in Europe. The rusty red rock is spectacular agains the colours of the sun setting over the mediterranean sea.

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