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A few years ago I was in Seville, Spain. I was sitting at a cafe looking over brochures for flamenco. I’ve always gotten very lucky when traveling, with locals guiding me, always someone there to help. This was one of those times, and the waiter looked at my brochures and said, no no no. That is not flamenco. He drew a map, directing me to Triana, the city across the river from Seville, historically known as home to many gypsies. He told me I’d find real flamenco, and there, I would experience the Duende.

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Extremadura, Spain

This is a photo of one of my dearest friends, who walked the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage with me a few years ago. We walked 1,000 kilometres in five weeks across Spain, from Seville to Santiago. I often look back at photos of this trip when I feel overwhelmed with life and remember that everything is done one step at a time. It was on this pilgrimage that I realized some things can’t be learned from a book… Words don’t teach, life experience does.