‘Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.’ Confucius.

sa~lon. noun. definition: a fashionable assemblage of notables… an exhibition for art… an establishment where a hairdresser or beautician conducts business… from the French Enlightenment, where people gathered to increase knowledge through conversation.

Hi! I’m Stacy, a hairstylist, world traveler, writer, and mama to a beautiful baby girl.

What ties all of that together? My love of exploring. Life has taught me that when I’ve had the courage to venture into the unknown in all aspects of life, the world becomes a richer and far more beautiful place.  Exploring has helped me understand and appreciate uniqueness and diversity as a gift, instead of something to fear. I’ll never forget the first time I traveled abroad and realized that no matter how different cultures seemed on the surface, we’re more alike in our humanity than we are different. I’ve learned that people are usually just as curious about me as I am about them. And as a hairstylist, those thousands of conversations over the years has taught me that the most beautiful thing about people is the one thing they usually try to hide, their vulnerability.

I created The Online Salon to share stories of the quirkiness and wisdom of the people who’ve decorated, and continue to decorate my journey.  A place to share stories of our connectedness, via travel, art, style and culture. A place to celebrate the beauty in the world.